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Better Half    By Annmloveart-daqy8ii by rjdubbya

i'm writing this poem solely for you,
it must be simple, sweet, and a hundred percent true,
deep, sea-green eyes framed on the face
no Mona lisa could ever replace;
oh, that's just a start; i know, average at best;
what really gets me will make up the rest;
Each stride is smooth, ballerina-like grace,
no wasted motion, fluidity pace,
two smiles, one squinty, one open wide,
a third one i caught and about cried,
from sadness, hell no, they were love butterflies,
believe me, for hours i could ponder those eyes;
the voice of an angel, God given for sure,
(let her tell you a story) and it'll cure
worry, fear, doubt, ache, and pain,
don't get me started on your brain;
Artsy poems i can write, some are quite nice
but the stories you craft are like white on rice, :)
a point of view that puts the reader right there,
and twisting plots sometimes left up in the air,
the words that you speak resonate deep,
it's real when i say you're there when i sleep,
from you i've learned, in a short little time
about life and love and a new way to rhyme;
Nope that's not it, there's more i can say,
so many more reasons you brighten my day,
my better half, a kinder version of me,
a gentle hand in this rough stormy sea,
now i'll cut this one short, it has gone on long,
so i leave you with this, right or wrong...
simple and true, i got that part right,
the sweet, my dear, is "let's fly a kite".
updated for the inspired picture that is truly breathtaking
Communication  By 10 Dave1-daqtpcb by rjdubbya

i have to write some lines for "Dave",
to who's talks i am a slave,
not the kind engulfed by flames,
but the one who loves the games,
like yang and yin a fluid motion,
in sync waves upon the ocean,
like an echo, compliments,
heartfelt, truthful, sentiments,
as the fire burns the flames may change,
the tip of the iceberg from the strange.
updated for this perfect picture
Fairydoll2 By Yokoky-daqu2td by rjdubbya

remember that little doll, Darcy,
oh wait, i think her name was Marcy,
you know the girl from Charlie Brown
who follows Peppermint Patty around,
she always calls her best friend, sir,
that's all i can recall of her;
for when the cast is playing round,
she, my friend, is not found;
she's probably somewhere reading books
and learning how the system works,
tending her family, doing what's right,
and guiding the lost ones throughout the night;
she goes unheard during the day,
and not even noticed until she's away;
have a clear view, and you may see,
she's quite a bit like you and me,
look into each others' eyes
and take in the angels in disguise.
updated for the captivating picture by yokoky
Lifelong     By Annmloveart-daqsg5l  2 by rjdubbya

o.k. now it's time to write,
let's go and fly this mental kite,
how should it look this sunny day?
we'll take the couple, old and grey;
weathered skin and memorable scars,
from trying times to riding stars,
through building bridges tried and true,
not green with envy, uplifting when blue,
they've seen it all, decades of change,
fought the good fight no matter how strange,
the bones are tired, hair has gone thin,
yet look at those two and just how they grin,
the eyes still light up whenever they meet,
they're still rubbing on each other's feet,
a tear still forms in their eyes
when the other one hurts or cries;

he still holds the door,
she still calls him sir,
their bond keeps growing evermore,
this kite is now a blur

our couple here, now old and grey
have somehow managed to find a way,
to keep the spark of youth burning,
through a promise to never stop learning,
tears of joy stream down my face
as i watch those two embrace,
the look in his eyes the smile in hers
lifelong companions truly partners...
the seeds that were sown those long years ago
bore fruit in a way that very few know,
simple, honest, loyal, and true,
i ask it of me and i wish it of you.
updated for the beautiful image by AnnMloveArt
The Muse By Unearthly Demagogue-daqhn3i by rjdubbya

i'm starting with nothing, let's see what turns out;
visions of you, without a doubt
will take hold and guide my hands as they type
similar to, not unlike, a one note pitch pipe,
thoughts try to stray to the dark and the grim,
and the circus side-show of Her vs Him,
but you grab hold my focus and tune it in clear,
a blessing, your voice, it is to hear,
what's there to say, when it's all in a look?
i guess just the words to fill up the book;
this one i wanted to be pure expression,
a quick stream of consciousness poetry session,
and now here you are, yet once again
thought i had nothing when i began;
you've filled up this poem without a word,
and the smyles you send do not go unheard.
added image by the unearthly demagogue


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